Our Values

Our Values


We are a growing business therefore our values as a company are vital to our continued success.
We nurture talent and aim to provide a platform for all of our staff members to grow and excel in their role.
We like to look after our staff and offer all full timers a fantastic range of employee benefits from bike to work schemes to private medical.
We would be nothing without our staff which is why we strive to create a fantastic working environment for them. So we thought it would be best to ask  everyone from the team to come up with a word or two which captures our values…



As a typical office based company we go through a lot of paper and produce our fair share of general office waste such as food packaging, used stationary and the like. This is why we have teamed up with ACE Recycling to ensure that all that can be recycled in our business is recycled. It really hits home just how much we contribute towards recycling when the ACE team arrive each week and take bag upon bag out to their truck. Its a small thing in real terms but over a 12 months period it really is a huge deal.
All of our lights are energy saving and what a huge difference this has made on our energy usage, especially since we changed our ‘on all the time’ bulbs to natural LED. They are a bit more expensive than regular energy saving bulbs but the extra cost is quickly recovered by the lower energy usage…Which of course is better for the environment.


We always try to do our bit and give money to good causes and to staff or our wider circle of contacts (client and personal) who are raising money for a special cause. We also offer a discretionary 15% discount on our studio  rates at The Glasgow View when the end client is a charity.