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Customer Satisfaction

A satisfaction score means nothing unless you know what is driving it…

Our tried and tested methods and our innovative data capture techniques will provide you with invaluable insight to help drive key decisions.

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses across top-line services
  • Understand the critical drivers of / barriers to satisfaction
  • Benchmark performance vs. your competitors
  • Measure loyalty

Yes, we like looking at data and doing analysis but we love helping to build brands & unlock their potential.

What we can deliver is a truly holistic understanding of where your brand is in the hearts & minds of consumers, where your competitors lie and what you can do to maximize potential for future growth.


TMcK profile your customers directly. i.e. the information gathered will come directly
from your customers using sampling which will guarantee reliability.


Our Customer Segmentation can be conducted as a stand alone research project or it
can be incorporated into other suitable methodologies. Let us design a be‐spoke solution to suite your business and marketing needs.

Product Testing / Tasting

Our product testing sessions can be small scale sessions to gain qualitative feedback from core target audience. Or they can be a nationwide robust study using our using tried and tested parameters.

  • Ensure you are taking the right product to the market
  • Ability to show robust product data vs. competitors to your sales channels
  • Integrated approach with methodologies
  • Experienced staff ensure consistent approach across region

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Concept Testing

TMcK will take your concept idea and design a research methodology to maximise your budget.  We will ensure the right audience give informed feedback. Our concept testing can be conducted as a stand alone research project or it can be incorporated into other suitable research methodologies. Our interactive mapping tool allows for specific feedback on your concept at the touch of a button. We take your design concept or advert and code it to allow respondents to click on aspects they like or dislike, allowing for intuitive feedback.
Our expert analysis will help you make an informed decision on brand direction.

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