Brand Health Tracking

Brand Tracking: Stay one step ahead…

Our fantastic brand tracking products help our clients fully understand customer perceptions of their brands at every level.

From the foundations of identifying openness to trial & opportunities for growth…

… To accessing perceptions on the key elements of brand health which drive brand loyalty

We can evaluate perceived brand worth compared to the market place and competitors…

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 …Our end goal is to help you identify which elements of the brand mix are working uniquely for your brand

…With Brand Tracking by TMcK

Brand Tracking, as a research tool in its own right, is designed to track the image and perceptions of a brand over time, among key target consumer groups and against key competitors.
TMcK works in partnership with clients to ensure the right image measures and perceptions are defined from the start.
The value we add is using our vast experience and core values to ensure the right analysis techniques are used to give clients a true insight which has a commercial benefit.
Brand tracking is only as strong as the weakest link in the process. By keeping the key processes in-house, we can be confident that every stage meets our high standards whilst providing our clients with excellent value.

Contact: Research Director Nicky Taylor
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